Monday, January 18, 2010

Jeff Rense interviews Ty Bollinger - Cancer Truth (1 of 4) Author - Cancer - Step Outside the Box

Radio talk show icon Jeff Rense interviews Ty Bollinger, author of Cancer-Step Outside the Box ( about alternative cancer treatments, the swine flu, the medical mafia, cell phones and brain cancer, and more.

In this interview, Jeff Rense calls Ty's book "the Bible of Cancer Treatments." Will oncologists submit to chemotherapy if they are diagnosed? Well, in 1986, McGill Cancer Center in Montreal, one of the largest and most esteemed cancer treatment centers in the world, surveyed 64 oncologists to see how they would personally respond to a diagnosis of cancer. The results will blow your mind. Are you sitting down? Of the 64 oncologists surveyed, 58 said that... ALL chemotherapy programs were unacceptable to them and their family members due to the fact that the drugs don't work and are toxic to ones system! That's right, 91% of oncologists will not take chemo!!

Listen in as Jeff and Ty have one of the most mind blowing radio interviews in history. Visit the website and BUY THE BOOK THAT JUST MIGHT SAVE YOUR LIFE ONE DAY:

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