Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Godfrey Bloom on Alex Jones Tv 1/4: The International Super Class and Their Global Warming Agenda!

Alex welcomes to the show Godfrey Bloom, a Member of the European Parliament for Yorkshire and the Humber for the United Kingdom Independence Party. Bloom points to independent scientific research that demonstrates that CO2 is not a problem and says 2050 will not see catastrophic and apocalyptic events related to climate. Bloom believes the debate is over.

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Monday, December 28, 2009

Pam Gaston - Voice for the Children - in chains # 3 in a series of 10 on the Melissa GASTON case. OST continues to investigate

Pam Gaston, with her husband in white beard behind her sits in Hand cuffs and Leg Irons in the Court Room, in Marion County, Oregon and forces the D. A. on the Witness Stand. D.A. Sarah Snyder loses her smile and her mojo as Pam hammers her with embarassing questions, Asst. Dist. Atty. Snyder is forced to admit to being a defendant in a $500 million lawsuit for Molestation, abuse of her husband's little 6 year old girl, with whom Ms. Rainy, Larry Lawson, and especially Hazel Spees were forced to admit they had made a kiddie PORNO while working for OREGON CPS. Prosecution witness have already admitted that Pam Gaston is a "low Risk" assessment, and still they keep her in shackles hand and foot, while Pam in blue JAIL jumpsuit withOUT and Attorney to sell her out, hammers the Prosecutor, Snyder, herself, on the witness stand who becomes "uncomfortable" stating anything "under oath", and says so, the April 11, 2000 in a Marion Court room. 4.5 years later,

Pam GASTON , at age 50 dies of "natural" causes, mysteriously after being "Sprayed" from a helicopter
over her tiny trailer in the woods, she and Wilbur have been forced to live in on Wilbur's sister private property. this is number # 3 in a series of 10 on the Melissa GASTON case. OST continues to investigate, and those with direct knowledge of any part of this story from any angle are asked to email William Wagener at: to make a video statement.

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Several killed, 300 arrested in Tehran protests

Several killed, 300 arrested in Tehran protests

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* BREAKING * States Attorney Generals Will Sue The Fed Over Health Care 12-27-09

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Friday, December 25, 2009

Executive Order 12425 What The Hell Is This? What Did Obama Just Do?

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Obama grants Interpol immunity as foreign 'assets' assigned to U.S. homeland

Alex Jones covers some recent aspects of diplomatic immunity, as extended to Interpol and other foreign agencies, by way of President Obama's Executive Order 12425. They, along with foreign troops & assets have been increasingly used throughout the United States to for 'Homeland' control over the populace.

Check these links for more info:

Obama Extends Diplomatic Immunity to Interpol by Executive Order

Why Does Interpol Need Immunity from American Law?

FEMA: National Level Exercise 2009 (NLE 09)

IDF, US National Guard to share defense ideas

Army Dispatched in Response to End the Fed Protests

The Pentagon Wants Authority to Post Almost 400,000 Military Personnel in U.S.

Secret State Police Report: Ron Paul, Bob Barr, Chuck Baldwin, Libertarians are Terrorists

The Modern Militia Movement-Missouri MIAC Strategic Report 20Feb09

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

FOR LIBERTY Bonus Feature: Restore the Republic: Behind the Scenes with Gary Franchi 

In this bonus feature from the DVD of the documentary film "FOR LIBERTY", filmmakers Chris Rye & Corey Kealiher take you behind-the-scenes at to explore the goals, origins, and website with National Director Gary Franchi from inside RTR Studio One. 

FOR LIBERTY: How the Ron Paul Revolution Watered the Withered Tree Of Liberty

A documentary film by Chris Rye & Corey Kealiher

Coming September 2009

Congressman Ron Paul's run for the 2008 GOP Presidential nomination sparked a unique grassroots brush fire not seen in recent history. Ron Paul's integrity inspired and ended the apathy of many, which showed a large remnant of a belief in American liberty lives on.
*a percentage of the DVD sales from the link above will be donated to

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hope you all feel the same!


We are making a conscious effort to wish everyone

A Merry Christmas this year...

That's our way of saying that we are celebrating
the Birth Of Jesus Christ.

We are asking our email buddies

to please do the same.

If you'll pass this on

maybe we can prevent one more

American tradition

from being lost in the sea of

"Political Correctness".

Wayne Wymore, MCP, A+ Certified

Click here to download:
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Chuck Norris Back on Alex Jones Tv 1of3:Impeach Obama If He Tries To Enforce Copenhagen Agreement -YouTube-

Alex welcomes back to the show martial artist, actor and media personality Chuck Norris.

Paul Joseph Watson
Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Actor and political activist Chuck Norris told the Alex Jones Show yesterday that President Obama should be impeached if he attempts to implement the Copenhagen agreement without Congressional approval.

The martial artist also warned that Obama may attempt to cancel the 2012 election and stay in power as a result of an engineered crisis.

I think Congress should impeach Obama, they have the right to, said Norris, adding that Obama was seeking a dictatorship and an annulment of the next election so that he could stay in power.

He's not concerned about 2012, by 2012 he wants to be a lifetime member of the presidency, said Norris.

They're just trying to make our country so dependent on government that he can do whatever he wants to do to our country, added the martial artist, adding that people needed to stand up and say enough is enough.

Obama, his czars, Rahm Emanuel, and George Soros they're the ones running our country and its a sad situation right now, added Norris, noting that the agenda behind Copenhagen was for a global government and a one world bank run by globalists like Soros.

Norris said that Al Gore had become a potential billionaire as a result of the global warming con game and that he, along with Soros and Obama want, Total control over the world and especially of the United States of America and its heading in that direction.

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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Global Warming Theory DESTROYED By 20/20s John Stossel

It’s sad to watch all the little kiddies parroting the “Global Warming” garbage – For them, like Gore says, “The debate is over” – Their brains have been washed. Political correctness strikes again.

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

America's ObamaNation 1 - YouTube - mp4 from On Second Thought - VERY Thought provoking!

President Obama makes an endorsement of Lesbian, gay, transsexual at the
2009 HRC convention, to say he is "Proud" to be there. This really happened.
The whole footage is on Huffington Post, and other sites. HRC = Human Rights
Council, and they support the Right to have Christian children taken or
kidnapped by Child Protective Services, and Placed or adopted into GAY,
Lesbian households. Obama is "Proud" of their "struggle" for "equal Rights".

HRC also supports killing Unborn babies by choice, and does NOT believe that
the unborn have a "natural" right to be born. Some call that murder. This
Event really happened. Republican Dick Cheney, V.P. was "proud" of his
Lesbian daughter, Obama is Proud to be asked to speak at HRC convention. May
God Have Mercy on those of us who disapprove strongly

America's Obama DEATH care & Sodomizing Health care.mp4

Part 2 of the Homonization of America series

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Zero Competition or Control if Health Care and Copenhagen Pass - Alex Jones Tv {Sunday Edition} 1 of 6: YouTube

Alex covers the Health Care, Copenhagen Scam that the Global Eugenics establishment is trying to ram down the throats of the American people. Time is running out! If they get these to become law, then The Globalists will have their NWO, or (global governance).YOU MUST RISE UP NOW AND SPEAK OUT ABOUT THIS! CALL YOUR SENATORS, AND THE WHITE HOUSE.

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Google steals the web - Must Read article - Paul Myer - Talkbiz

Google steals the web

In the most recent issue of the newsletter, I talked about conspiracy theories, and used Google as one of the examples of how conspiracies are usually nothing more than overactive imagination or simple confluences of interest... <Read More>

Wayne Wymore, MCP,  A+ Certified

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