Monday, December 28, 2009

Pam Gaston - Voice for the Children - in chains # 3 in a series of 10 on the Melissa GASTON case. OST continues to investigate

Pam Gaston, with her husband in white beard behind her sits in Hand cuffs and Leg Irons in the Court Room, in Marion County, Oregon and forces the D. A. on the Witness Stand. D.A. Sarah Snyder loses her smile and her mojo as Pam hammers her with embarassing questions, Asst. Dist. Atty. Snyder is forced to admit to being a defendant in a $500 million lawsuit for Molestation, abuse of her husband's little 6 year old girl, with whom Ms. Rainy, Larry Lawson, and especially Hazel Spees were forced to admit they had made a kiddie PORNO while working for OREGON CPS. Prosecution witness have already admitted that Pam Gaston is a "low Risk" assessment, and still they keep her in shackles hand and foot, while Pam in blue JAIL jumpsuit withOUT and Attorney to sell her out, hammers the Prosecutor, Snyder, herself, on the witness stand who becomes "uncomfortable" stating anything "under oath", and says so, the April 11, 2000 in a Marion Court room. 4.5 years later,

Pam GASTON , at age 50 dies of "natural" causes, mysteriously after being "Sprayed" from a helicopter
over her tiny trailer in the woods, she and Wilbur have been forced to live in on Wilbur's sister private property. this is number # 3 in a series of 10 on the Melissa GASTON case. OST continues to investigate, and those with direct knowledge of any part of this story from any angle are asked to email William Wagener at: to make a video statement.

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