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Homeschoolers Arrested in NY "We're Being Baptized into Slavery!!" The Alex Jones Show - #1 of 8

Homeschoolers Arrested in New York: Slavery Returns to Amerika 

Kurt Nimmo
January 6, 2009

In a move designed to send a message to parents, a Montgomery County, New York, couple were arrested and ticketed for homeschooling their children and failing to register their them with the school district.

News report on couple arrested for home-schooling.

Richard Cressy, 47, and Margie Cressy, 41, both of the town of Glen, never registered their four children or their home-schooling curriculum with the local school district, said the Sheriffs Office, reports WRGB, a CBS affiliate in Albany, New York. The Superintendent of the Fonda-Fultonville Central School District confirmed the four children, ranging in age from 8 to 14, had not been registered with the school district for the last seven years.

The couple may lose custody of their children. The case has been turned over to the Montgomery County District Attorney and the Child Protective Unit.

On his radio show today, Alex Jones said the arrest and demand that parents turn their offspring over to the state is like a scene out of Planet of the Apes. In the cult classic, apes hunt humans and intern them in a slave gulag. Police and the CPS are not acting like apes on the hunt. Jones pointed out that there is no law in New York criminalizing homeschooling and the arrest was predicated on a color of law regulation.

Local and state governments around the country have moved to criminalize homeschooling and force children to attend dangerous public schools. In 2008 in California, an appeals court ruled that parents do not have a constitutional right to home-school their children.

Germanys mandatory education laws are based on Hitlers Reichsculpflicht Gesetz (federal compulsory attendance laws) which were passed in 1938.

Earlier this year, a German couple asked for asylum in the United States after the German government ruled that homeschooling their children was illegal. Uwe Romeike and his family moved to Tennessee after the state threatened to fine him and take away his children. Romeike, an evangelical Christian, objects to German school textbooks containing language and ideas that conflict with his familys values.

Provisions in the California Education Code require persons between the ages of six and eighteen to be in public full-time day school, or a private full-time day school or instructed by a tutor who holds a valid state teaching credential for the grade being taught. The 2nd Appellate Court in Los Angeles argued that keeping the children at home deprived them of situations where they could interact with people outside the family. In other words, that court ruled that parents have no right to decide who their children interact with socially and that decision will be left to the state and bureaucrats.

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