Monday, August 30, 2010


CONTINUES - - -With America's Ground Troops wasted & deployed in 113 other nations including Iraq, Afghanistan, where they can not DEFEND America's Mexican border, Obama and McCain continue to ignore the full on INVASION of Arizona, Texas, New Mexico and California by a Civilian Army, estimated between 9,000 and 25,000 per week. Border States may have to create their own ARMY to back up the overwhelmed Border Patrol that has been punished for shooting at illegal criminals from south of the border. We witnessed all terrain vehicles driving straight north from the border , unhindered, and apparently unseen by US Border Patrol. Americans are being raped, kidnapped and taken to Mexico for Extortion & more rape & Murder, and Main Stream Media is blind to it. WHY? Are they part of a controlled destruction of USA by their owners? Is MSM guilty of MURDER of 3000 at WTC on Sept. 11 by being accessories before, during and after the demolition of Towers 1,2, and 7WTC which NO PLANE hit.

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