Tuesday, February 9, 2010


On May 21, 2009, Barack H. OBAMA, who occupies the Oval Office of the
President of the Corporate United States of America had the audacity, to
speak in front of the Original U.S. Constitution, to announce his PLAN to
commit High TREASON, with Oversight by Judicial and Congressional
and few TV Media reported its true implications.

Even supporter, the Liberal far Left winger Rachel MADDOW, was taken
aback, causing her to express her SECOND THOUGHTS about Obama's own
"ad hoc" regime Plans to wipe away all Civil Liberties with PROLONGED

"PROLONGED DETENTION" by OBAMA can soon be used against any of the
President's political critics, and is Nothing Less than bare faced, in
your face T R E A S O N.

High TREASON, and should be treated as such. If Congress will do Nothing
then the PEOPLE must, or be abject slaves. Obama makes a point, that BUSH
did "ad hoc" "prolonged Detention", but he OBAMA will formalize the CRIMES
into a better "legal" framework. from Scratch. Outside the Constituion.

The President, nor the Congress, nor the Courts are NOT permitted any
authority Federally "outside" the constitution. Here, in this speech,
hardly reported or notice, we understand WHY OBAMA, did not take the
step to hold the BUSH administration accountable.

Though Rachel should have her Media Credentials burned for her caustic
attacks on Ron Paul in 2007-2008, who has now been vindicated... we have
to agree with Rachel on this one, but she stopped short of calling it HIGH
TREASON. Let us consider. OBAMA signed his OATH of OFFICE twice for Chief
Justice John Roberts. He should therefore be aware, that building "Legal"
framework from "scratch" outside the Constitution, is in fact a
destruction of the Civil Liberties Protected by the said Constitution.

No foreign enemy could more perfectly destroy the Bill of Rights as Barack
H. Obama, of questionable Hawaian birth, and clear allegence to Indonesia,
where he claimed to be a citizen when he got his FULBRIGHT Scholorship,
... has done, just by Proposing such a "Regime" "Change" outside the constitution, which by its very fabric is TOTALLY inconsistent with the
U.S. Constitution.

If Congress and the Supreme Court go along with such a RADICAL , wholesale
destruction, then there is Nothing left for WE THE PEOPLE to do, but
choose between submission to SLAVERY for ALL, or replace the entire
Federal Government, by whatever means necessary as we're encouraged to do
by the Preamble to the Constitution.

Obama's speech there, at the Archives with the backdrop of the
Constitution, was no accident.

The Founders of the Republic are screaming "TREASON" from their Graves.

Especially when one considers the massive amount of irrefutible evidence
the World Trade Center Event on Sept. 11, 2001 was without Question, an
Inside job, for the purpose of destroying our Civil Liberties by the
excuse of False Flag attacks by enemies. Barrry Sotero, or Barack H.
OBAMA, born in Kenya, is a New World Order Puppet. Clearly, as is George
W. Bush, Richard Cheney, William Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Sen. McCain.

The Same Bank Gangsters of Wall Street who have triggered the current
Economic Depression, and been secretly and openly BAILED OUT by the BUSH
and the OBAMA administrations, or Regimes, are the same, who needed a
massive diversion from their Criminal robbery of the Federal Reserve Bank,
for the intention of forcing the Americas and the world into a ONE WORLD
CURRENCY that the Oligarchy [BankGangsters] will totally control, creating
a dictatorship, globally. Their goal is a complete end to Individual
Sovereighty and an END to respect for LIFE, LIBERTY and the Pursuit of
Happiness. God Save the Republic, God Save True Americans like Ron Paul.

-- Tuesday, February 09, 2010 http://www.youtube.com/user/williamwagener

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